MADE at the Citadel | Tour
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The MADE environment is as eclectic as its tenants. It combines 50’s chic with 21st-Century amenities, where the internet access is everywhere, like the coffee. Roam the halls and enjoy the local art, you might even meet someone new.

*Disclaimer: We do a lot of redecorating. Rooms currently may not look the same.

The Lounge

Come in and relax in the MADE Lounge. Pool table, vending machines and plenty of sofas, benches and chairs to sit and get some work done.

The Library

Books. Hundreds of them. The Library is a favorite spot. Lot’s of room to work while listening to music and chugging fresh coffee.

Conference Room

Our fully equipped conference room has all the fixin’s. Large flatscreen, a computer, sound system and privacy. Book at your convenience.

The Classroom

Our big open communal space where the big work gets done. Grab a seat and get to it.

And Much More…

From cool working nooks to outside spaces. From art galleries and print stations. Join us. 🙂