MADE at the Citadel | The Concept
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Co-working designed for the creative professional

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or a team looking for a home, the spaces and offices at MADE are designed for creatives.


This isn’t your business-as-usual co-working space.


We’re building a special environment where creative professionals can thrive.


An open layout: Have an idea for content? You can convert any space to film your next podcast, photoshoot or Instagram story.


A great community: Everyone at MADE makes their mark with their creativity. From visual artists, media producers and artisan craftspeople to advertisers, developers and social activists – every endeavor here is about purpose with a social twist.


Technology and Client facing support: We have you covered when it comes to providing the tools necessary to make you extra-productive. WiFi, a conference room, color printing and most importantly coffee. Lots of coffee. We’re open 24/7 because deadlines and inspiration require it.


MADE will always be a work in progress because creating a community is never done. To do this right, we need you here to help shape the future of MADE and what it means to be a creative in Miami. Join us.