MADE at the Citadel | Modo School of Design
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About This Project

MODO is an experiment in education.

As academics, we have seen first hand where a traditional education falls short. It’s not deliberate – technology has become the biggest force shaping the job market, outpacing what the current system can provide.

As professionals working in various industries, we have seen how the skill set needed to be good at your profession has dramatically evolved. The culture of work is no longer scheduled and systems heavy. It has become fluid.

As design thinkers, we saw an awesome opportunity. We can fill the gap between an education and a profession. We’ll do it by answering these questions.

What if the community could design and educate the workforce they needed?

What if you get an education that prepares you for the future of work in your industry?

So the experiment begins. MODO is designing an educational experience that totally takes advantage of our connected community in partnership with local industry leaders.

Together, we will create an education that evolves as fast as the world we live in.