MADE at the Citadel | Our Team
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Get to know the people dedicated to making this the best co-working experience you’ve ever seen. Create with us.



Jonathan Lara’s experience in managing business was developed during his first job as a teen working for his family’s business. After 8 years he aspired to help the community engage in a healthier state of life, and became a fitness coach. With his major in Physical Therapy, Jonathan is a fully equipped body wellness conscious advocate, and Nutrition Guru. At MADE, Jonathan can be found attending to members, solving the unsolvable, and always taking action with whatever the space requires. He pretty much is every member’s go-to right-hand man!


Marketing Manager

Art has been a constant for Elisa Gonzalez considering her interest in visual arts since her toddler years. Design and Architecture senior high molded Elisa’s high school years with experience in Visual Arts, and Fashion Design. Currently studying Advertising at Miami International University of Art and Design, she aspires to continue developing a well rounded creative skill set. Considering Elisa’s personal experience co-working at MADE at the Citadel, you can say she is an active advocate for the co-work revolution.