MADE at the Citadel | Our Team
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Get to know the people dedicated to making this the best co-working experience you’ve ever seen. Create with us.



Jonathan Lara’s experience in managing business was developed during his first job as a teen working for his family’s business. After 8 years, he aspired to help the community engage in a healthier state of life, and became a fitness coach. He has worked with children, women, and men of all ages, and he believes this work experience and knowledge is what has propelled him to become great with handling any situation. At MADE, Johnny can be found attending to members, solving the unsolvable, and always taking action with whatever the space requires. He works closely with members to ensure an incredible experience for everyone at MADE.


Marketing Manager

Art has been a constant for Elisa Gonzalez considering her interest in visual arts since her toddler years. Design and Architecture Senior High molded Elisa’s high school years with experience in Visual Arts, and Fashion Design. Later, studying Advertising at the University of Art & Design, Elisa gained a greater understanding of the world of marketing, social media, and creative direction. Currently producing all marketing, and social media content for MADE, Elisa strives for perfection, understands her clientele, and is nothing short of professional.


Community Manager

Danielle Steele is a Miami native musician, with a passion for healing the community through the arts. She has a background in non-profit work, Museum Education, teaching, and hospitality.


After attending New World School of the Arts for Visual art, she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts and History of Art with a minor in Museum Education, at Florida State University in 2014. While living abroad in Barcelona, she taught English to native Spanish speakers of all ages and has continued to have a passion for teaching English and music since then. Working for various non profits and internships that merged the arts with youth education, she realized her goal is to help build a world where the arts bring people together, and help support each other. On the side, for about 15 years, she has written and performed original music in Florida- a variation of pop, rock, and folk. She is a lover of animals and plants, having two dogs, two cats, and many, many pothos.